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Please follow the instructions below,
before and after your treatment
Areolase lightpod Neo laser treatments eliminates facial veins,spider leg veins and angiomas quickly with no downtime. 
How does it work
The absorption of 1064 laser energy by oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessels
of the treated lesion can cause vascular destruction,potentially diminishing or eliminating the lesion.The micropulse 1064- xt laser from Aerolase is FDA cleared for the coagulation and hemostasis of benign vascular lesions on all skin types.
           Spider Vein Injection Therapy
                     Non- Surgical
Mesotherapy for spider vein therapy is very similar to sclerotherapy. The main difference is the medications used however the technique is the similar.The advantage with mesotherapy is a faster recovery, increased circulation,improved lymphatic drainage and fantastic results.
With this therapy medicines are injected directly into the vein with a tiny needle the size of an eyelash.This results in a reaction that progressively shrinks and cuts of the vein.
Several treatments are usually required for the veins to fully fade away.Each session takes about 30 minutes and is repeated once every 3 to 4 weeks.there is no downtime with this procedure however precautions should be taken before and after treatment to for optimal results and safety.
Before your treatment: Avoid Ibuprofen,Aspirin ,Motrin,Advil,Prednisone and other anti-inflammatory medications 48- 72 hours prior to treatment.
If you are taking tetracycline or other antibiotics its best to avoid this therapy until you
finish your rounds of medication and then wait 10 days before undergoing this therapy. Do not apply lotion to your legs prior to treatment
Tylenol may be taken before and after treatment.
After your treatment:Mild support garments or compression wraps/ garments should be worn for at least 24 -48 hours after treatment. Garments can be worn for up to 2 weeks for those that have to stand at work.this is not a concern for the face.
For 48 hours after your treatment you should avoid aerobic activity,hot baths/hot showers,hot compresses,whirlpools or saunas.For 7-10 days after your therapy avoid prolonged or direct exposure to sunlight,strenuous activity, jogging,swimming,sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time.
The best candidates for spider vein therapy are: Anyone from ages 15 to 75 with mild to severe spider veins.There will be an initial consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.
You are not eligible if your are: pregnant or nursing,undergoing chemotherapy or radiation,prone to blood clots,prone to skin infections,or in extremely poor health.
Side effects : Itching is possible at the treated sites that can last for two days.Tenderness can be expected and is normal after any reduction therapy. Raised red areas at the treated site can often be seen and will disappear in a few days.Bruising may also occur and can last for several days or weeks as the veins dissolve.
Frequent flyers may be predisposed to blood clots because of the altitude.
Results:Studies show that Laser therapy and Mesotherapy for vein reduction will work in 93% of people that opt to undergo therapy. 50 to 80% of veins will be eliminated with each 30 minute session.
Cost: $199 for a 15 min or $250 for 30 minutes